About Jessica

Jessica Sara Finer was born on August 11th to Mike and Jan Finer. Raised in Tampa, FL, Jessica has one younger sister, Hailey. Jessica attened Gaither High School and graduated in May 2007.

Jessica attended the University of Tampa and graduated with her B.A. in Elementary Education in May 2011.

Jessica was hired as a first grade teacher at Mendenhall Elementary. She is currently starting her third year and is looking forward to the upcoming year!!

About Ben

Benjamin Adam Shane was born on December 13 to Margee Whited and Michael Shane. Raised in Portland, ME, Ben has one younger sister, Ashley. Ben attended Deering High School and graduated in 2001!

Benjamin attended the University of Tampa and graduated with his B.A. in Finance in December 2009.


Benjamin has been working at Finer Scrap Processors as the Business Manger for four years.


How we met

In the fall of 2008, Ben and Jessica met at a party, with their fraternity and sorority. Over the next 4 and a half years Ben and Jessica became more than just boyfriend and girlfriend, they became best friends! On January 25, 2013 in St. Augustine Ben proposed to Jessica!

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